Owner, Head Coach

Derrick is trained as a professional mental health therapist, specializing in intimate partner and parenting relationships, as well as individual holistic wellness. He earned his Masters of Arts in Education in 2009 and his Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist credential in 2011.  Additionally, Derrick is a Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapist. Derrick is trained in and has been practicing Family and Divorce Mediation since 2010. Derrick is also trained in Collaborative Divorce, a low-conflict process to help divorcing families create mutually acceptable, durable settlement agreements without the emotional and financial trauma of high-conflict court hearings. In between coaching CrossFit classes, Derrick works with clients in his office at the gym, doing traditional mental health therapy, holistic wellness coaching, and relationship coaching.

Derrick started CrossFit in March, 2011. He received his L1 coaching credential in May, 2012, and his L2 coaching credential in September, 2016. He has also completed the CrossFit Mobility Trainer Course and the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Course.

Prior to finding CrossFit, Derrick was very active in outdoor adventure recreation activities. He lived, worked, and hiked over 200 miles in Grand Canyon National Park in 1996. He was a professional whitewater rafting guide on the Ocoee River in Tennessee from 1997-2005. He was a teacher and a coach of the Outdoor Program at Christ School in Asheville, NC, from 1998-2006. Derrick has participated in 30+ adventure races (mountain biking, trail running, and paddling, all while orienteering with a map and compass), ranging in length from 3 hours to 24+ hours. His adventure racing team qualified for the Adventure Race National Championships 3 different years, and he competed in the National Championships in both Texas and Kentucky.

Derrick is the Co-Owner of CrossFit Pisgah in Asheville, NC, (WWW.CROSSFITPISGAH.COM). He is also the Co-Owner and Director of the Unbroken Series (WWW.UNBROKENSERIES.COM), a CrossFit competition hosting company with events throughout the Carolinas, and also in Montana and Wyoming.

Derrick and Shaunna have 4 children, 2 dogs, and a cat.